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Firstly let me congratulate you, chances are you are here because you are getting married in the near future so congratulations that’s awesome!


The Who

Photo credit: Kerry Ford Photography

Photo credit: Kerry Ford Photography

My name is Charlotte Northrope, and I am an Ottawa-based wedding photographer. I shoot weddings across Eastern Ontario, and sometimes back in my home country of Australia! My family and I moved here 4 years ago on one cold Valentine’s Day and loved it so much we decided to stay.

Photography has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. All credit to my parents who against their better judgement allowed me access to the ‘family’ camera and watched as I chewed through roll after roll of film. For me, there was just something about the whole process, from capturing a moment, developing the film and watching it appear on paper in the darkroom. While the method of capture and processing might have changed the passion still remains.


20170221-1The Why

I believe that every wedding is the chance to tell a story.

This story is not just how you both met and fell in love (although that’s a big component). It’s the story of how you were welcomed into new friendships and embraced by a new family. Your story is about the people who have travelled great distances, simply because they wanted to be in some small capacity, part of your special day. Why? Because they love you.

Your wedding is a celebration of these connections and it is those connections and moments that I love to capture most.

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The HowOttawa Wedding Photographer

This is really simple, I only ask one thing of you and I hope it might be the simplest thing anyone can ask.

Be yourself, be unapologetically yourselves. Be goofy, be silly, be crazy, be adventurous, be romantic, be the person your partner fell in love with. I promise to capture this candidly with art, heart and soul.

I can’t wait to get to get to know more about you so please feel free to get in contact!


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Engaged Collective

I am a proud member of the Engaged Collective, a group of six leading photographers in the Ottawa region. The Engaged Collective is a comprehensive resouce for anyone planning a wedding, and is full of informative posts and useful reviews along with featured weddings to help in the planning process.


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